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IV Monoclonal antibodies In coppell

Covid is treatable. FDA has given authorization to several IV monoclonal antibodies for use in high-risk Covid patients. We have given those to more than 200 patients ranging from 12 yrs. to 98 yrs. old, and have seen wonderful results. Now we got the latest of those Bebtelovimab Injection in our stock.

If you or any of your loved ones get Covid infection, immediately contact us so that we can provide all necessary measures to save a life without wasting time. As a little delay can be life-threatening.

IV Monoclonal Antibodies Therapy

America First Urgent Care is first in line to offer IV monoclonal antibody therapy for Covid patients in Coppell and all nearby areas. We strictly follow the below-mentioned criteria and completely evaluate the need for monoclonal antibody therapy.


Iv monoclonal iv antibody therapy can be given to adults and children above 12 years of age. if you have mild to moderate covid-19 symptoms, and if you are at a high risk of catching covid and developing symptoms, you can have iv monoclonal therapy. The optimum way of therapy is receiving it within 10 days of the onset of symptoms.

FDA has defined the criteria for high-risk patients. All those are considered high-risk patients if they meet any one of the following criteria.

  • Having a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 25

  • Suffering from chronic kidney disease 

  • Patient of diabetes 

  • Having any immunosuppressive disease 

  • currently receiving immunosuppressive treatment 

  • Age is  ≥ 65 years -Age is ≥ 55 years AND has cardiovascular disease, OR hypertension, OR, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/other chronic respiratory diseases.

It is advised to always inform your healthcare provider about all of your medical conditions such as if you:

  • Suffering from any allergies
  • Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed
  • Suffering from any serious illnesses
  • Are taking any medications (prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, and herbal products)


The FDA states, “as part of our Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program, the FDA uses every possible pathway to make new treatments available to patients as quickly as possible while continuing to study the safety and effectiveness of these treatments.”

Everything that provides benefits also shows some side effects and the possible side effects of IV monoclonal antibody treatment include nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, itchiness, and vomiting. The reason behind these side effects is still unknown. Whenever you are planning to take IV monoclonal antibody treatment, always analyze the risk-to-benefit ratio. And if the benefits are more than the risk, go for the therapy to avoid serious complications of Covid-19.


America First Urgent Care offers a safe environment for patients in our hospital. Our staff is skilled and professional. Our services are patient-centered. We have been offering our best services for community benefits. And we are taking lead in providing the latest services.