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Covid-19 Testing and Treatment

We are in this together over one and half year now . During this time due to all the research with test and trails there has been lot of progress in overall management of Covid.

We are trying best to get all updates pieces of management available at our Urgent care .
We have the most updated PCR testing machine with Cephiad in house . We are able to test by the most reliable technology real time PCR with in one hour, depending up how busy it is .

We do have Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in house and will love to arrange vaccine drives for your community/school/ apartments etc.

What we are most excited about is that we are capable of giving Regeneron IV infusion which is the only outpatient medicine approved by EUA of FDA to be used outpatient . It can be given subcutaneous to the household contacts of the patient as well.

Multiple studies have been showing that it is pretty efficacious in keeping the high risk patients out of hospital and recovering much faster and much more efficiently .

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