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Covid Testing and Treatment


Living with Covid-19 is now a new normal. The only way out is to take necessary precautionary measures and in case you catch an infection of covid19, get Covid-19 Testing and Treatment from America First Urgent Care.

Covid-19 is now part of our lives, let us learn to live with it while keep taking care of ourselves and the loved ones around us.
There has been a lot of progress in the prevention and treatment of this disease due to all the research and dedication of the scientists, physicians as well as the public who constitute all of us.
We are trying our best to get all the updated measures of management available at our Urgent Care.
We run Rapid Covid tests as well as Rapid Combo for Covid and Flu in-house with results back in minutes then we send out PCR to a lab with the turnaround by the next morning.
We are proud to give IV Monoclonal antibodies to more than 200 of our patients ranging from 12 yrs of age to 98 yrs of age. No one had any major side effects or reactions. We have the latest Monoclonal Antibodies Bebtelovimab Injection, in-house available now, which is very limited in supply all over the country.
We are working to get the latest approved oral medicines in-house available for our patients who test positive for Covid.
We have arranged several vaccine drives for our community here so far. We would love to arrange more at your place as well, like schools, apartments and Religious places. Let us keep fighting Covid together through prevention, testing, and treatment according to the latest research and guidelines.